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Our Services

Our clinical psychologist and occupational therapist work independently as well as collaboratively in a unique co-treatment approach. This allows us to understand our clients and their challenges more completely and to  flexibly tailor treatment.

Occupational Therapist with child sensory integration therapy

Occupational Therapy

Based in extensive knowledge and training  in child development, school-related skills and sensory integration

  • Comprehensive evaluation 

  • Individual therapy offered in a  state-of-the-art sensory-motor gym

  • Therapeutic groups

  • Consultation for home, community, and educational environments

Learn more about Our OT Philosophy

Psychological services

Committed to helping children, teens, adults & families grow, enhance strengths, build skills, and develop positive well being


  • Individual and family therapy

  • Play therapy 

  • Parenting support

  • School and daycare  consultation 

  • Clinical evaluation

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